Shipping Policy 

Shipping Policy (for Singapore & International customers)

Our preferred shipping carrier is Singapore Post by registered air mail, air parcel or local mail. This is usually a cheaper option than express courier but takes a little bit longer. However, during checkout we offer you the option of Singapore Post or express courier for you to choose. The indicative price is displayed alongside your option so you may choose accordingly.

You may also add specific instructions to the Item notes before checkout; for us to take note of.

Shipping magnets by air are tricky. There is a constant fear amongst airline companies & operators that magnets may interfere with navigational equipment. While in reality that may be arguable, it is always a good practice to properly seal the magnets in a flux containing packing so that there is zero residual flux outside of the box. This takes time & effort and adds to the cost of the shipment itself.

The shipment rates are returned for packages up to 30 Kgs only based on weight & zone. Rates for packages heavier than 30 Kgs generally need to be negotiated with carriers as the counter rates become untenable. If during your checkout, you encounter a $0 (zero value) for the shipment rate, it means that the weight of your package is more than 30 kgs.

We offer to ship via Self-collection, Local delivery, Singapore Post Worldwide Air parcel, Singapore Post Surface parcel, or UPS/FedEx/DHL. You will be able to choose your shipping method at checkout.

If you have special shipping requirements, you must make arrangements with us at the time you place your order. We can often accommodate special shipping requests but are sometimes unable to. Additional charges may apply for special shipping requirements.

The transit times displayed beside the shipping method during checkout is a pessimistic estimation

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Shipping Method

Transit Time (Estd Max.) days







Local Singapore delivery




Sing Post Worldwide Airparcel




Sing Post Surface Parcel (Sea)




Fedex/DHL/UPS/EMS (Express Courier)




This refers to the mode when you plan to collect your consignment on your own or have your own account with International couriers (DHL/FedEx/UPS). After you place your order with this option, your goods will be processed and ready for collection within 1 business day.

Local Delivery

This refers to the mode when we arrange to deliver your goods to your address in Singapore. This applies to shipment within Singapore only.

Singapore Post Worldwide Air Parcel

This is a cheaper option compared to express courier rates. While your delivery is guaranteed, the transit time is usually around 8 to 15 working days depending on destination. Tracking is available but limited to key events.

Singapore Post Surface Parcel

This is the cheapest option for heavier items. While your delivery is guaranteed, the transit time is usually around 10 to 25 working days depending on destination. Tracking is available but quite limited.


This is the most expensive but fastest option. While your delivery is guaranteed,