• High and uniform magnetic power
  • Suitable for VMC applications
  • Standard models come in 75mm Square pole chessboard pattern
  • Unique, patented, metal Top, T-slot version, can double up as a VMC table
  • Made from a solid block – no welded joints
  • Can be used to clamp non-ferrous metals with traditional clamps
  • Optionally available 100mm Square pole pattern
  • Magnetic power above 100MT/Sqm for 75mm Square pole
  • Perfect safety in case of power failure
  • Modular and sturdy single body construction
  • Variable magnetic power through power control
  • Easily integrated with pallet changing and FMS systems
  • Can be mounted on standard tombstones for HMC applications
  • Uniform clamping of the job
  • Unobstructed movement of cutters during machining as all five faces of the job can be machined in the same setting by raiser extension blocks
  • Drastically reduces the loading, unloading and controlling the work pieces
  • Better machining accuracy – as the chattering of tools reduces, the finish and tool life is improved
  • Tip : Select this model if you desire versatile and flexible, high powered clamping systems for your ferrous & non-ferrous milling applications on machining centres for small to large components of thicknesses from 7mm upwards

Data Sheet : TURBO Max-Mill