• Includes all the features of the EPMPLATE MAXLIFT
  • Handles single steel plates upto 12 Mtr long
  • Specially mounted magnets to enable swivel of upto 80 deg from horizontal
  • Unique EPM technique using double magnet system to handle single steel plates
  • EPM needs electricity only during switching magnet ON and OFF
  • Can be controlled by a single operator staying at a safe distance
  • No battery back required
  • Over 95% saving of electricity as compared to conventional electro magnets
  • System is configurable and modular and draws 2 or 3 phase mains AC power from 380 to 440 VAC
  • Tip : Select this model if you have a special requirement of vertical stacking and de-stacking and handling of single steel plates in your yard

Data Sheet : EPML-Plate-Tilt