• Suitable for crane suppliers and fabricators to build your own Electropermanent magnet lifting system for single steel plate handling
  • Essential building block for a best selling product. Single units of these Lifting modules combine to make the EPMPLATE MAXLIFT product
  • These lifting magnet modules are available in various safe lifting capacities of 500Kg, 750Kg, 1000Kg, 1500Kg, 1750Kg, 2000kg, 2500Kg, 2750Kg and 3000kgs
  • Compact, low weight, high strength and reliable with full adherence to industrial safety with 3 times Safety factor
  • Each module comes with its own hooking point, hanging pin, suspension spring and stopper plate
  • Single control system to control from 2 to 40 lifting modules of suitable capacity in each spreader
  • Design your own single plate lifting system, construct your spreader beam and integrate these MAXLIFT modules easily
  • Tip : If you are a Crane supplier with your own fabrication capability, you can opt to build your own Electropermanent lifting system by integrating several units of this module into your spreader. Just buy the modules and the control system from us.

Data Sheet : EPML-Plate-Module