• Revolutionary technique for safe magnetic lifting
  • Battery powered Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifter for smaller flat & round sections
  • Fully independent, integrated battery and controls all within the unit
  • Light weight and robust construction
  • Safety factor of 3 is maintained for each magnet
  • Standard 1 x 24 VDC supplied Battery power is required only to activate and deactivate the lifting magnet
  • No battery power is needed during actual operation to keep magnet ON
  • More long lasting than traditional battery operated Electromagnet lifters
  • 2 Pole design for lifting both round and flat components
  • Maintenance free completely sealed rechargeable dry-cell batteries
  • With battery fully charged- can be used for approximately 300 operations
  • Warning signal when battery charge level is low
  • Inbuilt battery charger with over charge protection
  • Standard ON-OFF controls are provided on the unit
  • Special safety – Will not demagnetise when load is hanging and spreader is in tension suspension due to incorporation of safety contact-less sensor
  • Special safety – Will not handle load at below critical battery power or drop load upon sudden battery power drop
  • Wireless remote control option available
  • Tip : Select this model if you need to handle single pieces of upto 6000 kg and 3 Mtr flat or 3000 kg round steel sections

Download : EPML-BAT-SC