• Easy & speedy handling of multiple steel plates, billets, bars, coils and bundles in hot or cold operation
  • Multiple modules are combined on a spreader beam to handle lengthy loads of 12 Mtrs or more
  • Configuration and alignment of poles will be determined by the load to be handled
  • Designed specially for heavy duty applications
  • Easy operation, only single operator required
  • Manufactured in Cast Steel and fabricated structure
  • Choice of Aluminium or Copper Conductor wound coil, special H / C insulation
  • Completely sealed with thermal conductive compound and protected terminal box
  • Operates on 220 Volts DC
  • Heavy duty control panel, power control and magnetism retention mechanism upon power failure
  • 20 minute Battery backup bank of 100 AH batteries
  • Tip : Select this model if you require to handle multiple steel plates, hot or cold billets, bars, bundles and coils. Write in with your job dimensions and total expected tonnage to get a custom quote

Data Sheet : Electro Maxlift – Rectangular Module