• Single solid piece body construction
  • 100% water proof
  • High mechanical rigidity and proven robustness
  • Suitable for dry or wet grinding application on medium to large size grinding machines. Not recommended for submerged applications
  • Suitable for precision grinding on medium to thick workpieces
  • Low height electro magnetic chucks
  • Low power consumption with little temperature rise
  • These chucks have a multi energized magnetic circuit, consisting of a number of adjacent, reversed coils making up a magnetizing core which is small pole pitch
  • The multitude of exciting windings increases dissipation of electrical energy which becomes magnetic energy, while limiting both temperature rise caused by Joule effect and distortion of the chuck
  • Possibility of combining several chucks for a large uninterrupted work surface
  • Low profile enables more grinding wheel head clearance
  • Tip : Select this model if you require strong holding power for medium to large components in non-submerged machining applications on medium to large machines