Lifton Magnets® is a customer and people centric organization. We consider people to be valuable assets. We take pains to develop and maintain relationships be they our customers or staff.

We take painstaking effort to find the best person for each position and ensure that Lifton Magnets® is a life long association for them. Because of this, we have high creativity, incomparable work ethic, and zero turnovers.

We try to help our people to develop their career through sponsored education, experience, and opportunity. Our people respond adequately by placing the customer above everyone else. After all, its the smile on the faces of our people and our customers that make our day.

Our customer family spans several continents and encompasses a wide spectrum of industries from mold & die, manufacturers, shipyards, material handlers, fabrication plants, workshops, offshore engineering plants, job shops, recyclers, food products manufacturers, R&D institutes and educational establishments.

We have been told by so many of our customers that they find our company to be unique and different. If anything, our uniqueness may stem from our business approach itself. We would rather let a sale go than recommend a solution which is unlikely to work. And if we do recommend a solution and it doesn’t seem to work as committed, we would do everything in our power, including losing money to re-build, re-design, re-work and re-install our solution. And since our commitment is our most valuable asset, you can be sure that when we have committed something, it will be delivered. No matter how.

No wonder then, that many of our customers find us to be unique.