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Year 2002 : Incorporation of Lifton Magnets® 

Comprising a core team of professionals and academicians with solid domain specialization in magnetics, electromagnetics, magneto-optics, nanostructures, metallurgy, geology, product design, mold engineering and applied magnetic material science.

The simple founding principle : To design and develop unique, practical and affordable magnetic assembly products that work well, last long and solve at least 80% of any company’s material handling problems.

With the backing of over 100 combined years of Magnet assembly manufacturing, consulting and design experience, Lifton Magnets® saw a successful trajectory in providing product design, development, manufacturing and consultacy in the field of magnetic material handling and clamping applications.

Year 2005 : Setup of Metrology services

With several successful years of interlocking large clamping devices with the control systems of several leading machine tools, the services division of Lifton Magnets® was next tasked to provide systems integration to metrology devices from Blum-Novotest® on these machines. It was a natural complement to providing leading-edge real-time testing, measurement and correction techniques on the cutting tools and workpieces that are clamped by our magnetic clamps. This synergy offers a one-point solution to our customers to select the best clamping and measuring tools to enhance their productivity and cut processing times.

Lifton Magnets® believes entirely in sales by reference and is proud to enjoy more than 99% customer satisfaction levels and maintains an unusually close working relationship with all its customers. Our motto is simple.

Customer Satisfaction through delivery of commitments – at any cost.

No purchase manager will ever get faulted for choosing a Lifton Magnets® product.

Come. Be a Lifton Magnets® customer and enjoy the difference.

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